• A Brief Introduction to Diasporas in Europe

A Brief Introduction to Diasporas in Europe

A Europe of Diasporas is founded on a shared belief that diasporas need Europe and that Europe needs its diasporas.

This booklet provides a brief introduction to diasporas in general, and to four diasporas in particular: those of the Roma, the Jews, the Assyrians and the Armenians. The Roma, the Jews and the Armenian are among Europe’s old diasporas. The Assyrians (also often called Arameans or Syriacs) are an ancient diaspora too, and they arrived in Europe more recently. Their stories are those of civilizations that crossed all borders and prospered from ex- change with the many peoples with whom they lived.

These briefings are necessarily selective of course, and we recognize that there are many ways to tell a story. The editors welcome all comments, corrections and suggestions. The project web site also welcomes all contributions at www.europeofdiasporas.eu – as does its facebook group. The web site also provides a selective bibliography on the different diasporas as well as further information.

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